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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Third Re-installation of Geronimo to fix error
Date Fri, 06 May 2011 13:47:21 GMT
Archiva instead of Continuum, but looks like:

One user claims upgrading the MySQL driver helped - it'd be great to hear your experience.

On 05/05/2011, at 11:24 PM, Louis Smith wrote:

> At this point, I'm quite suspicious.  I have gotten the 3rd report from my
> tech leads that they have had to re-install geronimo again to fix crashes
> from Archiva and Continuum.
> The environments are different - one on windows, 2 on linux.  Same issue -
> the server will start throwing 500 errors to the end users of Continuum
> and/or Archiva; looking at the logs shows failure to connect to the
> underlying mysql database - with "invalid credentials" being the culprit.
> The server will neither stop from shutdown, nor will it restart.  Startup
> fails on deployment of the first product - again with the database
> connection pool refusing to connect to the database with mysql throwing the
> underlying bad account credentials back up the chain to the server.
> Stop has to be a kill.  Fortunately, we have the documentation on setting
> the flag to get past the MQ startup lock, so that isn't an issue.
> This time, I was on site at one of the clients, and I noticed that the
> startup log showed that the attempt was being made to start the archiva car
> - but the failure showed the attempt to use the continuum credentials
> ('app'@'localhost' - not 'archiva'@'localost').  We checked the dbpool
> plans, and the 3 of them (jdbc_archiva, jdbc_continuum, jdbc_users) were all
> correct, with the correct accounts and credentials.
> So we did a fast reinstall of Geronimo, re-created the dbpools with same
> credentials (app/app, archiva/archiva), redeployed the same war files with
> the same plans - and it came right back up.
> We have saved the application and security settings, so we deploy no-start,
> flash the files, start the apps. All come right back, connect to the
> database and ldap, and everything is right where we got kicked out..
> Anyone else experience the 500 errors against the database?
> Geronimo 2.2.1
> Archiva 1.3.4
> Continuum 1.3.7
> MySql 5 (various)
> Windows Vista Ultimate 64 and RHEL 4.6
> -- 
> Dr. Louis Smith, ThD
> Chief Technology Officer, Kyra InfoTech
> Colonel, Commemorative Air Force

Brett Porter

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