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From andrew holland <>
Subject Continuum 1.4 beta, release perform deploys snapshot not release
Date Mon, 18 Oct 2010 11:54:49 GMT

I've been trying out continuum 1.4 beta and have been having problems with performing a release.

I'm using subversion, maven 2/3 and nexus repository manager in our environment.

The release prepare goal finishes correctly, creates a tag for the project and updates the
version in the pom to the 
next snapshot version.  When I try to run the release perform using 'clean deploy' as the
parameters it checks out the 
code from subversion to a release-* directory, but then builds from the projects work directory
which then deploys the 
latest snapshot to nexus repository.

if i go into the release-* working directory and do a mvn clean deploy it deploys correctly,
it just seems as tho 
continuum is using the wrong working directory.

Has anyone seen this before? I have tried looking in Jira for a bug but couldn't seem to find



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