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From Neon <>
Subject Adding a Shell Project also adds a Maven 2 build definition
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2010 17:05:08 GMT
I am using Continuum 1.3.6 in stand-alone mode under RHEL 5.

When I add a new shell project using the "Default Shell Project", It
also adds the "Default Maven 2 Build Definition"
Goals            Arguments                                    Build
File     Schedule                           Build Environment   From
        Build Fresh   Default   Description
clean install   --batch-mode --non-recursive   pom.xml
DEFAULT_SCHEDULE                                    GROUP       false
            false       Default Maven 2 Build Definition  maven2

      mytest.csh  NIGHTLY_3AM                Java5
   PROJECT   false              true         Default Shell Build
Definition        shell

Then for some reason, continuum tries to build the "Default Maven 2
Build Definition" even though that is NOT the default which then fails
(since my project does not use Maven).

Is this a bug in Continuum 1.3.6? I did not have this problem under
Continuum 1.3.4.

I am running Continuum 1.3.6 in standalone mode vs under Tomcat 5.5.28
for my Continuum 1.3.4 setup.



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