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From "Allison, Bob" <>
Subject Newbie Startup Question
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2005 13:28:10 GMT
I am trying to get started using Continuum and am having trouble
importing my first project.  I am running Continuum 1.0-alpha-4 on the
same machine as all of my sources and CVS server.

My project has a top-level directory and three modules named 3rd-party,
lib, and plugins.  I have created a CVS repository on the machine to
hold the sources.  I do not have any CVS web viewer available on the

When I try to specify the POM as a file in Continuum's web page, it
downloads the POM correctly, then fails to download the modules (I get
the project builder downloading file:/tmp/summit-23448.tmp,
file:/tmp/summit-2/3rd-party/pom.xml, file:/tmp/summit-2/lib/pom.xml,
and file:/tmp/summit-2/plugins/pom.xml).  Since the three module POMs
were not copied to /tmp/summit-2, I get warnings that the file could not
be downloaded and no projects are created.

If I try to use a file:/ URL in Continuum's web page
(file:/path/to/pom/pom.xml), I get back an error message requesting that
I specify a valid URL and no attempt is made to create the project.

If I comment out the modules and specify the POM as a file, it is
processed without warnings and creates 0 projects and 1 project group.
The project group does not appear in the Continuum web project list
(that list still shows 0 projects) and I don't know where I can check to
see if anything will actually build.

Can anybody give me a hand?

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