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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: svn push build scheduling
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2005 15:38:45 GMT

Mark Hobson a écrit :
> On 30/09/05, Emmanuel Venisse <> wrote:
>>Where do you see it in planned features?
> Well, it's not explicitly mentioned as such, but I inferred that it
> was a typical use-case of push scheduling:

Yes, it's a possibility. We already have a xml-rpc (and xfire) client/server in continuum.

It isn't finished, but you can try to use it a svn push build process.
I think it will be availaible for 1.0. Our priority for the moment is the web interface.

> From:
>>Currently it only supports builds on a regular interval and Continuum definitely needs
>>build scheduling. There are two major ways to do this:
>>    External processes signal Continuum to perform a build. Continuum supports this
through a
>>simple socket listener and an XML-RPC interface.
> Is that not how you see continuum being best used with svn?  I assumed
> you had something in place to create the continuum builds since they
> appear to be built per commit:

It's only a cron that run every 30 minutes ;-)


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