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From Yann Le Du <>
Subject RE: A couple of questions
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2005 09:39:48 GMT
--- Ashley Williams <> a écrit :

> First of all when I add a new project and go to the info page I  
> always get the same message "Note: Project details are out of sync  
> with Maven POM" no matter what I do. It doesn't seem to do any harm,  
> but I was just wondering what it could be.

I think the point is that the Project details (and Notifiers as well) are only
imported from the POM in the first place. So, if you hit 'Edit' and do some
changes, your Continuum project will indeed be out of sync with the POM.

> Also is there some reason why the pom needs to have scm details  
> inside? My thinking is that continuum already knows this because I  
> have after all told continuum of the scm address so that it could add  
> it in the first place.

If, e.g., you use the upload feature, Continuum won't have any SCM info, so it
will need to read it from the POM. Plus, it seems that the way it was designed
is to have everything in the POM, so that you only need to add the project.

> Thanks
> -AW



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