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From Ashley Williams <>
Subject Re: can't get alpha4 to work with java 5
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2005 15:25:21 GMT
Thanks for suggestions, but I think they are bit too hard core for my  
simple needs.
As I said my goal is simply to build a Java 5 project and I thought  
the easiest thing
to do would be to run continuum under Java 5.

Since that seems very tricky at the moment, is there a continuum  
config setting
so that it will use Java 1.4 for the build? I would imagine that  
would be very useful
to specify on a per project basis for an organization that has a  
mixture of Java


On 30 Sep 2005, at 16:05, Emmanuel Venisse wrote:

> Thanks Björn.
> Emmanuel
> Björn Sköld a écrit :
>> On 30 sep 2005, at 16.51, Emmanuel Venisse wrote:
>>> it's weird. With, it's a pure java, so perhaps there  
>>> are  a pb in derby with java 5.
>> It seems to be a derby problem with java5 on OS X. There is a   
>> workaround suggested here:
>> Mvh Björn

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