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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject [REVIEW] Escalation guide for issues at the ASF
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2018 21:50:21 GMT
I've written a guide for effective ways to escalate issues at the ASF
that I hope is helpful for anytime there are issues that anyone may feel
aren't being addressed within a specific project or mailing list:

Having read many Apache lists for years now, I've come to understand the
difficulties in discussing contentious issues - especially when we're
discussing or raising them *across* communities.

Every Apache project has their own communication style; many private
mailing lists like the board and members lists also have their own
styles. When individuals raise issues across these communities - from a
project to board@ or from anywhere to members@ - all too often there is
extra communication friction in the *way* the concern was brought from
one list to the other - separate from the actual issue at question itself.

I'm looking for some feedback and potential patches to ensure this is a
helpful guide for effective escalations, and then I plan to include
links to this in a broader email in the months to come.  I've already
incorporated a few fixes from some Members, but since this is deserved
to serve all of our communities, I'm hoping for some broader feedback.

We're all volunteers, and we each participate in many different
communities. Ensuring we take the time to be clear, specific, and
neutral in how we raise issues across groups helps everyone participate.


- Shane
  Vice Chairman
  The Apache Software Foundation

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