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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Dev vs User Mailing Lists
Date Sun, 14 Oct 2018 13:47:52 GMT
On 10/10/2018 9:59 AM, Ed Cable wrote:
> Reading over the escalation guide and the advice it gave on directing
> appropriate issues/matters to the respective mailing lists, it got me
> thinking about our Fineract Dev and Fineract User lists.
> We are always trying to be inclusive especially around awarding merit or
> committership in valuing non-technical contributions to the project. In
> that same spirit, I worry we sometimes might be leaving out non-technical
> members of the community who might only be subscribed to the user list when
> we treat dev as the primary list for all communications (community-related,
> etc whether they're technical or not).
> One possible option is just to consolidate the lists into dev but I don't
> think that is good long-term because as community grows we will have
> distinct technical vs. functional/design conversations happening.
> I know that user list is small but that might be a product of the fact that
> we direct everyone to sign up for dev because most conversations happen on
> dev

Most of my experience is with the Solr mailing lists:

The solr-user list has almost five times as many subscribers as the dev 
list -- 3577 compared to 756. If you only count human-generated 
messages, the solr-user list has MUCH more traffic than the dev list.  
Counting computer-generated traffic, such as Jira updates, the dev list 
traffic dwarfs the user list.I suspect that most dev subscribers who 
have an interest in Solr are subscribed to the solr-user mailing list.  
Some of the dev subscribers are only there for Lucene and don't care 
about Solr ... most of those are probably subscribed to one of the 
Lucene user lists, such as java-user@l.a.o.

How a community gets structured is up to that community, and I have no 
desire to tell you how to run yours ... but I suspect that it's a little 
bit odd within Apache for a dev list to be larger than a user list.

If you have a committer login, you can see interesting mailing list 
statistics from your project here:

My own opinion is pretty simple on how to choose which list to send to:  
If the comment or question should be seen or addressed by the entire 
community, including the masses of end users, it goes to the user list.  
More internal discussions will live (or start) on the dev list.  If it's 
particularly sensitive, it might need to start on the private (PMC) 
list.  Most functional/design conversations related to Solr belong on 
dev, but sometimes it's valuable to get input from the full community. 
Occasionally there are threads on either public list that we will try to 
direct to the other list.  This happens more frequently on dev than 

I also help out on IRC when I can.  There's a long-winded description of 
how I view that support avenue:


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