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From Louis Suárez-Potts <>
Subject Re: Code of Conduct - links to why they are needed etc
Date Sat, 20 Dec 2014 19:55:28 GMT
> On 20 Dec 2014, at 09:50, Jim Jagielski <> wrote:
> This is great and, as noted, long overdue. Although the code
> itself "simply" codifies what had been the tribal knowledge
> of the ASF, and how we'd expected people to behave, NOT having
> it written down was pretty sad.
> Thx to all for making it happen.
>> On Dec 20, 2014, at 6:33 AM, sebb <> wrote:
>> There are some useful links in the CoC blog:
>> For example,
>> Ashe Dryden's introductory resource for learning more about how Codes
>> of Conduct can help
>> Perhaps these should be added to the ASF CoC page at

So, now that it is written down—great—does this mean then that we will be asking all new
projects (and podlings and everything else) to obligatorily review it? As part of the Apache
Way? That is, what is the relationship between this CoC and the Apache Way from the perspective
of the new member to Apache? 


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