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From Luciano Resende <>
Subject Re: GSoC & Temporary commit access accounts
Date Sat, 23 Jul 2011 18:26:01 GMT
On Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 1:03 AM, ant elder <> wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 7:44 AM, Luciano Resende <> wrote:
>> It looks like various Apache projects are voting GSoC students as
>> "partial committers". As Apache does not have a formal process for
>> handling this type of account requests, regular accounts are created
>> for these students, with an Apache e-mail alias, and access is given
>> to general committer areas in SVN (e.g. committer area in svn, etc)
>> and then respective PMCs provides write access to particular areas in
>> SVN, such as a sandbox or a collaboration area. If the student fails
>> the GSoC programm, or is not elected as regular committer during or
>> after the program, there is no process for disabling/deleting these
>> accounts. This is very problematic and can cause multiple issues.
> Can there be more details about "very problematic and can cause
> multiple issues"?
> From what i understand this issue is raised because there was a GSoC
> project having a mentor who wasn't a committer on the ASF project.
> Isn't an answer then to just have a GSoC admin validation step to make
> sure each ASF project is aware of and ACKs the GSoC projects and
> mentors assigned to them?
>   ...ant

The main problem is that there is no process and no control. The issue
you mentioned is one that we caught (and I believe we don't know how
to handle at the moment). But because any account request from PMCs
are treated equally, there might be other cases that we are not aware

Luciano Resende

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