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From "Bruno P. Kinoshita" <>
Subject Re: [IMAGING] PNG component improved
Date Sat, 05 Jan 2019 01:34:28 GMT
Hi Sukant,

The project is maintained mainly by volunteers. I am indeed working on other things, including
on other issues for [imaging]. Your changes seem interesting, but I would rather work on the
other issues first (including the 1.0 release) and postpone reviewing your pull request till
that's done.

Again, as a volunteer, I have other issues outside Open Source (namely work, life, education,
etc), so can't promise when I will look at your pull request. Other developers may jump in
and help. But even then, keep in mind that most of us here are volunteers (:


ps: did not have time to review your PR today (summer here, going out this weekend), but looks
like you renamed .gitignore to _gitignore, deleted files, changed non-public methods to public...
these changes are either unnecessary, or need a bit of explanation to detail why it was done...
this way other developers and also users will be aware of what to expect of your change for
a future release

From: Sukant Kumar <>
To: "" <> 
Sent: Saturday, 5 January 2019 2:09 PM
Subject: [IMAGING] PNG component improved

Hi Fellow Developers,

I contributed to Apache Imaging and cleaned up the PNG component. I also 

added scan-line filtering when writing PNG files, that vastly improves 

the size of the outputted files. Please look at It is open for a long 

time already.

Please kinow respond to this PR. You said you will look into it but you 

are doing other stuff in the same repo.


Shukant Pal


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