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From "Niall Pemberton" <>
Subject Continuum Failures
Date Sun, 02 Mar 2008 22:26:58 GMT
It may seem like I broke a number of builds with my changes today, but
half of them [codec, discovery, JCI, VFS] were already failing before,
for the rest...

1) Validator - now fixed (caused by upgrade of surefire plugin from
2.3 to 2.4.1 in commons-parent).
2) IO - very strange, I upgraded the build profile from Java 1.4 to
Java 5 a few weeks ago (see previous build[1]) - so either Continuum
*lost* my change or someone reverted it. Anyway I've set it again to
Java 5, so it should build OK after the next change to IO
3) Lang - not sure why it failed - works OK for me locally
4) Logging - I get this failure, reverting to surefire 2.3 fixes this
- but not sure how to fix this properly


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