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From "Everitt, Andrew" <>
Subject HTTPClient versions ...
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2001 16:04:07 GMT

We have been using Slide for WebDAV support in our product and got looking
at the HTTP client for integration with an HTTP internet fax service. I've
run into a bit of a problem with the differences between the slide version
of the HTTP client and the version in the commons area. The slide version
seems to have some enhancements, specifically that HttpException supports
storing the HTTP status code. The version in HTTPClient 2.0 alpha 1 doesn't
have this but does have things like HttpConnection.

I may not be being too clear here so I hope you see my problem. I guess that
the HTTP client isn't fully split off from Slide yet or something? We are
pretty keen to use the HTTP client as it will save us having to write
something pretty similar - what can we do to help get things sorted? or
maybe I've missing something ;-). Anyway if we can find a way round these
teething problems we have some development/test resources to throw at making
things work well.

Andrew Everitt
Senior Software Engineer
Xerox Mobile Solutions, Cambridge. UK 

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