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From Lavandowska <>
Subject Re: [Submission] commons.util.http enhancements
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2001 02:42:58 GMT
I am resending, hoping for comment or inclusion:

--- Lavandowska <> wrote:
> I've added a number of browser attributes to BrowserDetector, as well
> as the ability for it to be instantiated/populated with an
> HttpServletRequest (thus the ability to get several of the new
> attributes).
> To support the acquisition of attributes from the Request, two new
> methods have been added to HttpUtils as well.  The primary method,
> findHeader(), simplifies the acquisition of a String header from the
> HttpServletRequest - that is, it makes this task portable across Http
> servers & servlet containers.  The second method is a small helper
> for
> findHeader().
> I've attached a zip which contains the source files for these two
> classes, as well as the results of "diff" on each.  I've zipped them
> since the complete size of these four files exceeds 60k.
> =====
> Lance Lavandowska
> Http://

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