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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Cocoon memory usage problems: Windows vs UNIX
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2002 14:47:11 GMT
I am struggling to get Cocoon running properly on our UNIX server 
(production) machine.  
On my local machine, running Windows 2000, I am able to monitor
the performance of Tomcat, and watch the memory usage climb -
from about 30MB when loading up, up to about 120MB when running Cocoon
(using the samples from the main sitemap).
On the production machine, its a bit harder to figure, as there is only
single process called "Java"; but total memory can ramp up to over
after doing the equivalent to the above.
This "memory hogging", along with the other typical memory activiities
the server, pushes the memory within a few megabytes of "full" and
some strange behavior such as pages only loading partially or, even
the dreaded "out of memory" error.... (and this is *before* I start
working with
graphics which I *know* are memory intensive!)

Has anyone any ideas or suggestions on how to obtain better memory
consumption on a UNIX (more comparable with Windows?)

System specs:-
Development:  Windows 2000; 256MB
Production : UNIX - Solaris; 512MB

Both machines running Cocoon 2.03 and Tomcat 4 and Java 1.31

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