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From Gabriele Domenichini <>
Subject MsSQL MySql PosgreSQL BasisPlus Oracle As400 Connections
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2002 22:42:43 GMT
Are you wondering how to connect Cocoon to your database and you have 
got one of theese?:

    * As400 <>
    * BasisPlus <>
    * Oracle <>
    * PostgreSQL <>
    * MsSQL <>
    * MySQL <>

      Then go to

Thanks to the tribute from people who had your same problem, you can now 
follow instructions on:
- Where to find the right drivers
- Which class to load for connection
- Tips and tricks specific of each database.
Please go there and contribute using the page and writing into it.
Now we can improve the mini-site:
- Restructuring it using the official documentation for the parts that 
are common to all the DBs and Cocoon specific
- Going deeply describing success cases with complicated query or stored 
- Enlargeing the number of DBs.
- Asking  for inserting the best part of the initiative in the official 
Covcoon documentation
Please support

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