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From Christian Haul <>
Subject [SUMMARY] input.xsl / xsp:exit-page / xsp:init-page (was: Can you explain a little more about that?)
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2002 21:22:34 GMT
Antonio Gallardo wrote:
> Hi Christian:
> I saw you recently commited this changes:
> 1- New Logicsheet for use with InputModules. (CH)


input.xsl is a very simple logicsheet, it contains three tags 
<input:get-parameter/>, <input:get-parameter-values/> and 
<input:get-parameter-names/> which just call the similar methods on an 

References to modules are obtained at first access and are released at 
the end of the page. Consecutive accesses reuse the cached references.

Apart from a mandatory parameter @module the tags should behave very 
much like the same tags from request.xsl

Only drawback is that default values are limited to java.lang.String.

It is based on logicsheet-utils.xsl so it takes <input:param/> for any 

An example can be found on the concepts document for modules.

> 2- add xsp.xsl now includes all xsp:init-page tags. Additional
> xsp:exit-page tag for cleanup operations. (CH)

All top-level <xsp:exit-page/> tags will be included at the end of the 
page, i.e. after endDocument() is called. exit-page may only contain 
java code. A similar tag exists with init-page which is fired just 
before startDocument() is called.

Both can be used to initialize local variables / clean up. Since they 
are outside the document scope, they _cannot_ be used to output anything 
to the client like headers or footers.

> I use XSP and I will be glad to learn a little about this new features.
> Two months ago you helped me with autonumeric-module for PosgreSQL Databse
> using modular database. I dont saw the module into the cocoon.xconf. Of
> course I have it already in my cocoon.xconf ;-) Thanks again.
> <autoincrement-modules>
> <component-instance logger="" name="auto"
> class="org.apache.cocoon.components.modules.database.PgsqlAutoIncrementModule"/>
> </autoincrement-modules>
> All I can said about it is that work fine. I have it already into
> production without any problem. :-D
> Can you include it into the cocoon.xconf or there is another policies
> about what include into cocoon.xconf?

According to my own repository it is in cocoon.xconf -- oh wait -- not 
for 2.1. OK, will fix that.

BTW it is now possible to specify a different sequence name than the 
default one. See javadocs for details.

Now, you've got the complete story, you write some docs ;-)
Maybe you can get this up on the Wiki?


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