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From "(IMIS) Enzo Bettini" <>
Subject ACS 4.8 + Xen / XenServer + Ceph
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2016 13:22:18 GMT

I have been doing a lot of searching to find out or work out how to get 
ACS 4.8 to work with XenServer 6.5 with a Ceph backend.
Currently I am only able to find outdated articles with experimental 
code being tested.

A little background:

We currently have a number of servers running CentOS 7 as KVM 
hypervisors with ACS 4.8 installed on a separate server (also CentOS 7).
The issue we have is that there is a bug in ACS where the disk cache 
mechanism for virtual disks is not being pushed through to the database 
or to the virtual machine.

Each host has 4 NICs. 2x 1Gbps and 2x 10Gbps.
Each pair of NICs is bonded together. Public, Guest and Ceph traffic is 
run on the 10Gbps bonded NICs.
Management and ACS Storage traffic is run on the 1Gbps NICs.

We have been informed that this is working with XenServer? However, we 
have been unable to get XenServer to play nice.
After installing XenServer and updating the network so that we have 
access to it. We are able to add the server to the XenServer cluster 
which was created.
But we are unable to deploy a VM on the newly added XenServer.

We have 2 primary storage options available. 1) NFS and 2) RBD. Neither 
one of the two are working.
We would prefer to use the RBD primary storage though.

The error we receive is that the host is unable to connect to primary 
storage [ID].

Are there guides or steps available to get this working?

We have also attempted to use the Xen Hypervisor installed on CentOS 7 
instead of XenServer, though that was until we read that ACS does not 
support the Xen Hypervisor on its own and only supports XenServer 5.6 
SP2 to 6.5 SP1.

Is XenServer the correct hypervisor to choose for an ACS and Ceph setup? 
Or is there a more preferred hypervisor?


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