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From Carlos Reátegui <>
Subject Cloudstack management server changing msid
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2016 06:41:25 GMT
I have had this issue a few times now with my management server.  I have had a couple unfortunate
hw issues that have caused the machine to crash (have replaced motherboard, backplane and
network cards…. don’t ask).  Upon restoring the machine there is a new entry in the mshost
table.  However the host table mgmt_server_id still references the old mshost.msid and therefore
my management server is unable to “manage” the hosts.

The only way to fix this is to :
update host set mgmt_server_id=<new msid> where mgmt_server_id=<old msid>;

Anyone else run across this?  Is there a proper way to restore a management server?  How does
the management server decide it is a new mshost and create a new entry in the mshost table?

Currently my mshost table has 5 entries and they all claim to be in the “Up” state even
though there is only 1 management server.  One of the entries is for the original 4.5.1 install.
 The other 4 are for the current upgrade.  They all have the same IP address.

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