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From Dag Sonstebo <>
Subject Re: Reusing ISO from Secondary Storage
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2016 08:20:43 GMT
Hi Asai,

You will first have to locate the template on your old secondary storage – you will find
this in a subfolder called something like /template/tmpl/1/6/…. In the folder check the file to determine if it’s the right template – this file will contain
the description of the template. The template itself is named as a uuid – e.g. f19dc84e-e1de-334e-b41d-9de44ddbac7e.vhd.

Once you have this it depends on your ACS version:

ACS < version 4.6: you need to copy the file to a webserver accessible to your new CloudStack
instance, then do a new HTTP upload from the template upload page.
ACS >= version 4.6: you can copy the file to your desktop, then use the local copy function
on the upload page to upload the template to your new CloudStack instance.

Hope this helps,
Dag Sonstebo
Cloud Architect


On 26/10/2016, 19:58, "Asai" <> wrote:

    Noob question.  I had an instance of Cloudstack up and running which I scrapped and started
over.  In that instance I had downloaded and registered an ISO which is now in secondary storage.
 In my new instance, I would like to reuse that ISO but CloudStack is not seeing it.  How
do I retrieve an ISO from secondary storage for reuse?
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