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From Remi Bergsma <>
Subject Re: Request for assistance with Xenserver
Date Sun, 20 Dec 2015 09:04:57 GMT
Hi Rafael,

This is from my devtest environment:

xe host-param-list uuid=uuid  | grep software-version
                     software-version (MRO): product_version: 6.2.0; product_version_text:
6.2; product_version_text_short: 6.2; platform_name: XCP; platform_version: 1.8.0; product_brand:
XenServer; build_number: 70446c; hostname: ganash-1; date: 2015-11-05; dbv: 2013.0621; xapi:
1.3; xen: 4.1.5; linux:; xencenter_min: 2.0; xencenter_max:
2.1; network_backend: openvswitch; xs:xenserver-transfer-vm: XenServer Transfer VM, version
6.2.0, build 70314c; xcp:main: Base Pack, version 1.8.0, build 70446c; xs:main: XenServer
Pack, version 6.2.0, build 70446c

# XS65
xe host-param-list uuid=uuid | grep software-version
                      software-version (MRO): product_version: 6.5.0; product_version_text:
6.5; product_version_text_short: 6.5; platform_name: XCP; platform_version: 1.9.0; product_brand:
XenServer; build_number: 90233c; hostname: squeeze-1; date: 2015-04-17; dbv: 2015.0101; xapi:
1.3; xen: 4.4.1-xs108914; linux: 3.10.0+2; xencenter_min: 2.3; xencenter_max: 2.4; network_backend:
openvswitch; xs:main: XenServer Pack, version 6.5.0, build 90233c; xcp:main: Base Pack, version
1.9.0, build 90233c; xs:xenserver-transfer-vm: XenServer Transfer VM, version 6.5.0, build

You can easily run XenServer as a VM on for example KVM of VMware. I use this to make the
template unique at first boot:


On 20/12/15 00:41, "Rafael Weingärtner" <> wrote:

>Hi folks,
>Today I was checking a problem with XCP, and looking at the code to check
>how ACS discovers the hypervisor version I had a doubt. Sadly, I did not
>have in my hands an environment using Xensever. So, can some of you that
>use Xenserver, run the following command and provide me with the output?
>xe host-param-list uuid=<host UUID> | grep software-version
>Thanks in advance
>Rafael Weingärtner
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