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From Minto van der Sluis <>
Subject Is Clerezza leaking memory?
Date Thu, 28 Nov 2013 13:17:41 GMT

I just ran into some peculiar behavior.

For my current project I have to import 633 files each containing approx
20 MB of xml data (a total of 13 GB). When importing this data into a
single graph I hit an out of memory exception on the 7th file.

Looking at the heap I noticed that after restarting the application I
could load a few more files. So I started looking for the bundle that
consumed all the memory. It happened to be the Clerezza TDB Storage
provider. See the following image (GC = garbage collection):

Looking more closely I noticed that Apache Jena is able to close a graph
(graph.close()) But Clerezza is not using this feature and is keeping
the graph open all the time.

How best to tackle this performance issue?



ir. ing. Minto van der Sluis
Software innovator / renovator
Xup BV

Mobiel: +31 (0) 626 014541

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