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From Reto Bachmann-Gmür <>
Subject Re: ConcurrentModicationException on TDB storage provider (SingleDataset)
Date Sun, 14 Jul 2013 16:01:36 GMT
On Fri, Jul 12, 2013 at 9:18 PM, Andy Seaborne <> wrote:
> On 10/07/13 16:59, Reto Bachmann-Gmür wrote:
>> Could it be that Jena methods return before that jena has actually
>> finished writing and that the jena buiilt-in locks take this into
>> account?
> No - they don't do that.  Iterators (obviously) resume on teh next .hasNext
> etc so iterator - operation - iterator is a potential problem area.
> Could there be separate accesses to two graphs in the same dataset?

That's exactly the point. This test
runs on a single graph. Locks (standard java locks) ensure that no two
threads write two the graph concurrently and that no thread readys
from the graph while another thread is having write access.

Even worse, the first exception described in CLEREZZA-792 and the one
quoted in this thread occur after all threads that perform some write
operation have ended.

> Can you use transactions?  Then you don't need locking.

Maybe. But it still should work by only having concurrent
read-operations and no other operation during writes.


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