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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: Test failures on fresh build
Date Fri, 15 Mar 2013 09:17:15 GMT
On 15/03/13 08:48, Minto van der Sluis wrote:
> Zooming in on I see behaviour I noticed before. At
> least on Windows TdbTcProvider.delete(..) does not properly clean up the
> given directory. Instead of abusing TdbTcProvider in test cases for
> doing the clean up I used Apache Common IO. However using Common IO
> FileUtils.forceDelete(..) results in an exception. It seems like
> something still keeps holding on to (some of) the files.

I guess you are running with a 64bit JVM. [1]

A "feature" of MS Windows is that you can't delete a memory mapped file 
while the JVM is running even if you detach all the mapped segments. 
"nuisance" would be too polite.

There are workarounds rumoured but the only one I know of that might be 
reliable, and not tricks calling GC() twice in quick succession, is to 
call Sun-JVM specific operations.

TDBs own test suite has to specifically create fresh directories for 
each test on Windows.


and several others.  Once there was a popularity list of bugs and 
features and this was steadily in the top 25.

One of the bug reports was a collecting point for attempts to workaround 
this - but user comments thread does not seem to have survived the 
transitions to the current trackers; at least, I can't find them again.

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