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From Florian Müller <>
Subject Re: Creating parent links for MultiFiling implementation
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2014 15:57:34 GMT
Hi Muhammed,

To make removeObjectToFolder() work, the repository has to report in the 
repository capabilities in the repository info that is supports 
unfiling. If it doesn't, the OpenCMIS server doesn't generate a "Unfiled 
Collection" link, which is required by the client to call 
Have you set the unfiling flag in the repository capabilities to true?

The CMIS Workbench should respond with an error message when you click 
the "Remove" button and an error occurs.
What is the error message?

What do you mean by "I guess I can't make OpenCMIS server create parent 
links"? Do you mean "up" links?

ObjectInfo objects are only required for the AtomPub binding. They 
contain additional information that are used to build a complete and 
valid Atom entry on the server side.
OpenCMIS generates these objects for you if you don't provide them. You 
don't have to do anything.
However, the OpenCMIS implementation for ObjectInfo objects is rather 
generic and slow. You can certainly provide ObjectInfo objects faster 
with a repository specific implementation.

Check the FileShare repository code [1] for examples how to compile 
ObjectInfo objects. If you derive your service implementation from 
AbstractCmisService (which you should do), you just have to call 
addObjectInfo(objectInfo) for each object that your are returning.

- Florian


> Hello,
> I'm trying to add MultiFiling support for my OpenCMIS server. My
> addObjectToFolder() method is working but there is a problem with my
> removeObjectToFolder() method. OpenCMIS Workbench doesn't even call the
> method.
> I'm using AtomPub binding and I guess I can't make OpenCMIS server 
> create
> parent links. Also, there is s tip in removeObjectToFolder() method's
> JavaDoc "Object infos should contain the removed object.". I have no 
> idea
> how to do it.
> Any help will be appreciated!
> Muhammed

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