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From Владимир Лукьянович <>
Subject Problem with moving an object
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2011 09:50:28 GMT

When I try to move object by means of a method move, in a directory 
targetFolderId the copy of my object is located, and in a directory 
sourceFolderId the object remains.
If I carry out changes from one of copies of the given object the same 
changes occur and to the second copy of this object.
But I expected that at method performance move there will be a moving of 
object to all versions from a directory sourceFolderId in a directory 
targetFolderId, and the original object with all versions sourceFolderId 
will be removed from a directory.

Why it occurs, and as I can realize moving of object with all its 
versions in other directory? I can something not so I do?


FileableCmisObject fileableCmisObject = sourceDocumentId.move(

when: sourceDocumentId - object of type Document (moved object)
             targetFolderId - object of type Folder (target folder)


Best regards, Vladimir Lukyanovich
"Mainsoft", QA
phone: +375333330304
skype: v.lukyanovich
ICQ: 605150692

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