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From Erick Ramirez <>
Subject Re: nodetool load does not match du
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2020 07:24:39 GMT
> Why the df -h and du -sh shows a big discrepancy? nodetool load is it
> computed with df -h?

In Linux terms, df reports the filesystem disk usage while du is an
*estimate* of the file space usage. What that means is that the operating
system uses different accounting between the two utilities. If you're
looking for a more detailed explanation, just do a search for "df vs du".

With nodetool load, do you have any snapshots still on disk? This usually
accounts for the discrepancy. Snapshots are hard links to the same inodes
as the original SSTables -- put simply, they're "pointers" to the original
files so they don't occupy the same amount of space.

If you think there's a real issue, one way to troubleshoot is to do a du on
the table subdirectory then compare it to the size reported by nodetool
tablestats <keyspace.table>. Cheers!

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