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From Sergio Bilello <>
Subject Cassandra Rack - Datacenter Load Balancing relations
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2019 08:06:09 GMT
Hello guys!
I was reading about
I would like to understand a concept related to the node load balancing.
I know that Jon recommends Vnodes = 4 but right now I found a cluster with vnodes = 256 replication
factor = 3 and 2 racks. This is unbalanced because the racks are not a multiplier of the replication
However, my plan is to move all the nodes in a single rack to eventually scale up and down
the node in the cluster once at the time. 
If I had 3 racks and I would like to keep the things balanced I should scale up 3 nodes at
the time one for each rack.
If I would have 3 racks, should I have also 3 different datacenters so one datacenter for
each rack? 
Can I have 2 datacenters and 3 racks? If this is possible one datacenter would have more nodes
than the others? Could it be a problem?
I am thinking to split my cluster in one datacenter for reads and one for writes and keep
all the nodes in the same rack so I can scale up once node at the time.

Please correct me if I am wrong



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