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From Jean-Armel Luce <>
Subject Re: Cassandra on Kubernetes
Date Wed, 30 Oct 2019 14:41:43 GMT

We are currently developping CassKop, a Cassandra operator for K8S.
This operator is developped in Go, based on the operator-sdk framework.

At this time of the project, the goal is to deploy a Cassandra cluster in 1
Kubernetes datacenter, but this will change in next versions to deal with
Kubernetes in multi-datacenters.

The following features are already supported by CassKop:
- Deployment of a C* cluster (rack or AZ aware)
- Scaling up the cluster (with cleanup)
- Scaling down the cluster (with decommission prior to Kubernetes scale
- Pods operations (removenode, upgradesstable, cleanup, rebuild..)
- Adding a Cassandra DC
- Removing a Cassandra DC
- Setting and modifying configuration files
- Setting and modifying configuration parameters
- Update of the Cassandra docker image
- Rolling update of a Cassandra cluster
- Update of Cassandra version (including upgradesstable in case of major
- Update of JVM
- Update of configuration
- Stopping a Kubernetes node for maintenance
- Process a remove node (and create new Cassandra node on another
Kubernetes node)
- Process a replace address (of the old Cassandra node on another
Kubernetes node)
- Manage operations on pods through CassKop plugin (cleanup, rebuild,
upgradesstable, removenode..)
- Monitoring (using Instaclustr Prometheus exporter to Prometheus/Grafana)
- Pause/Restart & rolling restart operations through CassKoP plugin.

We use also Cassandra reaper for scheduling repair sessions.

If you would like more informations about this operator, you may have a
look here :

Please, feel free to download it and try it. We would be more than happy to
receive your feedback

If you have any question about this operator, feel free to contact us via
our mailing-list: or on our

Note : this operator is still in alpha version and works only in a mono
region architecture for now. We are currently working hard for adding new
features in order to run it in multi-regions architecture.


Le mer. 30 oct. 2019 à 13:56, Akshit Jain <> a écrit :

> Hi everyone,
> Is there anyone who is running Cassandra on K8s clusters. It would be
> great if you can share your experience , the operator you are using and the
> overall stability of stateful sets in Kubernetes
> -Akshit

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