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From Felipe Esteves <>
Subject Issue after dropping a counter column from a table
Date Wed, 09 Oct 2019 19:44:37 GMT

Recently, I've added a new counter column (let's call it A) to a counter
table, C*3.11.4
I've had to remove it thereafter, because of an application issue.
Later, the recreation was needed.
When I've executed the ADD command again, got an error for recreating
counter column, so I've created it with a new name (let's call it B).

However, now I've got this issue: when I try to restore a snapshot backup
using sstableloader, the process fails because A doesn't exist in the data,
but appears in the schema.cql generated by the snapshot command:
id uuid PRIMARY KEY,
A counter,
B counter
ALTER TABLE keyspace.table DROP A USING TIMESTAMP 1569582510859000;

If I do a select in system_schema.dropped_columns, it shows the
dropped counter column.

How can I properly remove all references to it?

Felipe Esteves

Tecnologia <>


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