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From Per Otterström <>
Subject New Release of ecAudit
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2019 06:48:51 GMT
We are pleased to announce the release of ecAudit 2.1.0.

The ecAudit plug-in enhance Cassandra 3.x with audit logging functionality. In this release
we've added support for a high-performance logging backend based on Chronicle as well as added
new logging parameters and configuration options.

The full list of improvements are:

  *   Make wrapped authorizer backend configurable - #104
  *   Optionally skip values when logging prepared statements - #92
  *   Add support for client port in log messages - #90
  *   Add support for post-logging - #24
  *   Add support for host address in log message - #28
  *   Add support for Chronicle-Queue backend - #62
  *   Add metrics for filtering and logging - #72
  *   Add support for system timestamp in log message - #27
  *   Fix typo of java property for custom audit.yaml path - #59
  *   Build with Cassandra 3.11.4 (only flavor ecaudit_c3.11)
  *   Build with Cassandra 3.0.18 (only flavor ecaudit_c3.0)
  *   Introduce configurable log message format - #55
  *   Make the audit whitelist table a protected resource in Cassandra

This release comes in three flavors (same features, but for different Cassandra versions).

ecAudit for Cassandra 3.11.X:

ecAudit for Cassandra 3.0.X:

ecAudit for Cassandra 3.0.11:

Feel free to raise a ticket on GitHub if you have a feature request or want to contribute.

/The Ericsson team

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