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From <>
Subject COPY command giving inconsistent output
Date Mon, 05 Aug 2019 11:06:52 GMT
Hi all,

We’ve been running a production grade cluster with 21 nodes for the past few weeks. We use
the COPY <table> TO <file> method to export our data.

The thing we are seeing, is that this gives an inconsistent amount of records. On day 1 we
get 1.1mil records and the next 900k. On day 3 we see 1mil and so on. Are we missing something
or is this a bug? This is a keyspace which doesnt get written to. There are only reads.

Also we are seeing this on all keyspaces, not just one. We are also able to reproduce this
on our acceptance environment.

Smaller tables seem to give a consistent result. Larger ones give inconsistent results.

Thank you in advance. Looking forward to your replies.

Kind regards,
Rob Hofmann
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