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From "Alexander Shukaev (BLOOMBERG/ FRANKFURT)" <>
Subject Offline compaction/merging of multiple SSTables into one
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2019 12:56:35 GMT
Hi Everyone,

I have the following question [1]:

$ cd /tmp
$ cp -r /var/lib/cassandra/data/keyspace/table-6e9e81a0808811e9ace14f79cedcfbc4 .
$ nodetool compact --user-defined table-6e9e81a0808811e9ace14f79cedcfbc4/*-Data.db

I expected the two SSTables (where the second one contains only tombstones) to be merged into
one, which would be equivalent to the first one minus data masked by tombstones from the second

However, the last command returns `0` exit status and nothing changes in the `table-6e9e81a0808811e9ace14f79cedcfbc4`
directory (still two tables are there).  Any ideas how to unconditionally merge potentially
multiple SSTables into one in the offline manner (like above, not on SSTable files currently
used by the running cluster)?



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