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From cclive1601你 <>
Subject Re: Using Cassandra as an object store
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2019 07:17:59 GMT
we have use cassandra as object store for some years, you can just split
the object into some small pieces. object got a pk, then the some small
pieces got some pks ,object's pk and pieces's pk can be store in meta table
in cassandra, and small pieces's pk and some pieces store in data table.
we store videos ,picture and other no structure data.

Gene <> 于2019年4月19日周五 下午1:25写道:

> Howdy
> I'm looking at the possibility of using cassandra as an object store to
> offload image/blob data from an Oracle database.  I've seen mentions of it
> being used as an object store in a large scale fashion, like with Walmart:
> However I have found little on small scale setups and if it's even worth
> using Cassandra in place of something else that's meant to be used for
> object storage, like Ceph.
> Additionally, I've read that cassandra struggles with storing objects 10MB
> or larger and it's recommended to break objects up into smaller chunks,
> which either requires some kind of middleware between our application and
> cassandra, or it would require our application to split objects into
> smaller chunks and recombine them as needed.
> I've looked into pithos and astyanax, but those are both no longer
> developed and I'm not seeing anything that might replace them in the long
> term.
> Any helpful information or advice would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
> -Gene

you are the apple of my eye !

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