Thank you for your response.

I have been through the document and I have tried these techniques but I failed to model my queries correctly.

Forexample, I have already tried the following:
1) I created another table for Query#2/3. The partition Key was StartTime and clustering key was name. When I execute my queries, I get an exception saying that I need to ALLOW FILTERING.
2) I created a table with Name as partitioning key and startTime as clustering key. This way I was able to order the data in descending order based on startTime. But the problem was that if a row with same "name" was inserted, it was overriding the previously inserted row.

I am not sure how to model such queries.

On Thu, Mar 1, 2018 at 2:02 PM, Kyrylo Lebediev <> wrote:


Partition key (Id in your case) must be in WHERE cause if not using indexes (but indexes should be used carefully, not like in case of relational DB's). Also, only columns which belong to primary key ( = partition key + clustering key) can be used in WHERE in such cases. That's why 2nd and 3rd are failing.
You might find this useful:

There are several Cassandra handbooks available on Amazon, maybe it would be helpful for you to use some of them as starting point to understand aspects of Cassandra data[query] modeling.



From: Behroz Sikander <>
Sent: Thursday, March 1, 2018 2:36:28 PM
Subject: Cassandra filter with ordering query modeling
Hi,own vote

I am new to Cassandra and I am trying to model a table in Cassandra. My queries look like the following

Query #1: select * from TableA where Id = "123"
Query #2: select * from TableA where name="test" orderby startTime DESC
Query #3: select * from TableA where state="running" orderby startTime DESC

I have been able to build the table for Query #1 which looks like

    val tableAStatement = SchemaBuilder.createTable("tableA").ifNotExists.
    addPartitionKey(Id, DataType.uuid).
    addColumn(Name, DataType.text).
    addColumn(StartTime, DataType.timestamp).
    addColumn(EndTime, DataType.timestamp).
    addColumn(State, DataType.text)


but for Query#2 and 3, I have tried many different things but failed. Everytime, I get stuck in a different error from cassandra.

Considering the above queries, what would be the right table model? What is the right way to model such queries.