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From Jerome Basa <>
Subject high load on node
Date Sun, 28 Jan 2018 15:43:18 GMT

so there’s a compaction that’s stuck on 100% and it’s not progressing at
all. also, i’ve noticed that the load is high on the node. restarting C*
fixed the issue. any idea what’s the root cause? thanks

$ nodetool compactionstats
pending tasks: 2
                                     id   compaction type   keyspace
table    completed        total    unit   progress
   a5963a50-03b5-11e8-94d9-953cd75aaad2        Compaction     system
paxos   4882104332   4882111176   bytes    100.00%
Active compaction remaining time :   0h00m00s

cassandra version: 3.0.14



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