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From "D. Salvatore" <>
Subject Cassandra CPU perfomance
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2017 15:27:45 GMT

I deployed a Cassandra 2.2 ring composed by 4 nodes in the cloud with 8
vCPU and 8GB of ram. I am running some tests now with cassandra-stress and
YCSB tools to test its performance. I am mainly interested in read requests
with a small amount of write requests (95%/5%).

Running the experiments, I noticed that even setting a high number of
threads (or clients) the CPU (and disk) does not saturate, but still always
around the 60% of utilisation.

I am trying to figure out where is the bottleneck in my system. From the
hardware point of view it seems all ok to me.

I also looked into the Cassandra configuration file to see if there are
some tuning parameters to increase the system throughput. I increase the
value of concurrent_read/write parameter, but it doesn't increase the
performance. The log file also does not contain any warning.

What it could be that is limiting my system?


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