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From "赵升/赵荣生" <>
Subject " EOF after 13889 bytes out of 460861" occured when I query from a table
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2016 01:41:43 GMT
Hi, all
    I hava a problem. I create a table named "tblA" in c* and create a materialized view name
viewA on tblA. I run spark job to processing data from 'viewA'.
    In the beginning, it works well. But in the next day, the spark job failed. And when I
select data from the 'viewA' and 'tblA' using cql, it throw the follwing exception.
    query from viewA:
         "ServerError: <ErrorMessage code=0000 [Server error] message="java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException">"
    and query from tblA:
         "ServerError: <ErrorMessage code=0000 [Server error] message=" EOF after 13889 bytes out of 460861">"

    My system version is :
        Cassandra 3.7  +   spark1.6.2   +  Spark Cassandra Connector 1.6

If anyone know about this problem? Look forward to your reply.

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