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From Fabrice Facorat <>
Subject Re: Can nodes in c* cluster run different versions ?
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2016 12:50:59 GMT
As said already by Alain you should make this as short as possible:
- streaming operations won't work (repair, bootstrap)
- Hinted Handoff won't work as 2 differents major version of cassandra
can't shared the same schema version
- So no DDL operations (CREATE/ALTER) as you change won't be propagated

you don't need to wait for the end of "nodetool upgradesstable" to upgrade
next node: this can be done after you upgrade all nodes and satrt as an
asynchronous planified job.

My take on this:
- disable repairs
- backup date and especially system table on all nodes
- upgrade 1 node on DC1
- if everything is fine, rolling upgrade all nodes on DC1
- ensure that everything is working (you can still rollback at this point
by rebuild entirely DC1 if something is wrong or restore previous cassandra
version with previous backup files)
- once you are confident enough, upgrade DC2
- when done, schedule upgradesstables and try to spread upgradesstable
throughout your DC and racks if you don't want to impact your read latency
too much
- once finished, reenable repairs

2016-11-16 11:12 GMT+01:00 techpyaasa . <>:

> Hi all,
> We are currently running c*-2.0.17 with 2 datacenters each with 18 nodes.
> We like to upgrade to c*-2.1.16. Can we upgrade first all nodes(one by
> one) in one dc and then go to next data center.
> As it might take few days as it will have 'upgrade sstables' , so just
> wanted to know would be there any possibility during this mismatch of c*
> version among nodes in cluster during this upgrade process?
> Thanks
> Techpyaasa

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