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From Artur Siekielski <>
Subject repair -pr in crontab
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2016 20:22:50 GMT
the docs give me an impression that repairing should be run manually, 
and not put in crontab for default. Should each repair run be monitored 

If I would like to put "repair -pr" in crontab for each node, with a few 
hour difference between the runs, are there any risks with such setup? 
- if two or more "repair -pr" runs on different nodes are running at the 
same time, can it cause any problems besides high load?
- can "repair -pr" be run simultaneously on all nodes at the same time?
- I'm using the default gc_grace_period of 10 days. Are there any 
reasons to run repairing more often that once per 10 days, for a case 
when previous repairing fails?
- how to monitor start and finish times of repairs, and if the runs were 
successful? Does the "nodetool repair" command is guaranteed to exit 
only after the repair is finished and does it return a status code to a 

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