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From cass savy <>
Subject Switching to Vnodes
Date Wed, 09 Dec 2015 21:26:24 GMT
We want to move our clusters to use Vnodes. I know the docs online say we
have to create new DC with vnodes and move to new dC and decommission old
one. We use DSE for our c* clusters.C* version is 2.0.14

1. Is there any other way to migrate existing nodes to vnodes?
2. What are the known issues with that approach?
3. We have few secondary indexes in the keyspace, will that cause any
issues with moving to vnodes?

4. What are the issues encountered after moving to vnodes in PROD
5. anybody recommend Vnodes for Spark nodes.

*Approach : Moving to new DC with vnodes enabled*:
When I tested it for  a  keyspace which has secondary indexes, rebuilds on
Vnode enabled Datacenter takes days and don't know when it completes or
even if it will complete. I tried with 256,32,64 tokens per node but no

Please advise.

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