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From Robert Wille <>
Subject Behavior difference between 2.0 and 2.1
Date Fri, 04 Dec 2015 00:31:00 GMT
With this schema:

id INT,
image BIGINT,
data VARCHAR static,
PRIMARY KEY ((id), image)
) WITH gc_grace_seconds = 3456000 AND compaction = { 'class' : 'LeveledCompactionStrategy',
'sstable_size_in_mb' : 160 };

if I run SELECT image FROM roll WHERE id = X on 2.0, where partition X has only static data,
no rows were returned. In 2.1.11, it returns one row with a null value. Was this change in
behavior intentional? Is there an option to get the old behavior back? I potentially have
broken code anywhere that I access a table with a static column. Kind of a mess, and not the
kind of thing a person expects when upgrading.



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