Hi Gerard,

You should probably add a new datacenter following this procedure : http://docs.datastax.com/en/cassandra/2.1/cassandra/operations/ops_add_dc_to_cluster_t.html

You will just have to make sure to configure all the nodes of the new nodes to use mnt + mnt2 instead of mnt + mnt2 + mnt3.

Make sure to have enough space (disks / nodes) to handle your whole set of data in the keyspace you want to load and it should be ok.

I think that this is the easiest approach, you don't need to care about SSTable at all, Cassandra does it for you.



2015-08-06 18:50 GMT+02:00 Gerard Maas <gerard.maas@gmail.com>:

I'm currently trying to duplicate a given keyspace on a new cluster to run some analytics on it.

My source cluster has 3 disks and corresponding data directories (mnt, mnt2, mnt3) but the machines in my target cluster only have 2 disks (mnt, mnt2).

What should be the correct procedure to copy the sstable data  from source to destination in this case?

-kr, Gerard.