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From <>
Subject RE: auto_bootstrap=false broken?
Date Tue, 04 Aug 2015 13:29:32 GMT
I had problems with write_survey.
I opened a bug :

De : horschi []
Envoyé : mardi 4 août 2015 15:20
À :
Objet : Re: auto_bootstrap=false broken?

Hi Paulo,

thanks for your feedback, but I think this is not what I am looking for.

Starting with join_ring does not take any tokens in the ring. And the "nodetool join" afterwards
will again do token-selection and data loading in one step.

I would like to separate these steps:
1. assign tokens
2. have the node in a joining state, so that I can copy in data
3. mark the node as ready

I just saw that perhaps write_survey could be misused for that.

Did anyone ever use write_survey for such a partial bootstrapping?
Do I have to worry about data-loss when using multiple write_survey nodes in one cluster?

kind regards,

On Tue, Aug 4, 2015 at 2:24 PM, Paulo Motta <<>>
Hello Christian,
You may use the start-up parameter -Dcassandra.join_ring=false if you don't want the node
to join the ring on startup. More about this parameter here:

You can later join the ring via nodetool join command:
auto_bootstrap=false is typically used to bootstrap new datacenters or clusters, or nodes
with data already on it before starting the process.

2015-08-04 8:50 GMT-03:00 horschi <<>>:
Hi everyone,

I'll just ask my question as provocative as possible ;-)

Isnt't auto_bootstrap=false broken the way it is currently implemented?

What currently happens:
New node starts with auto_bootstrap=false and it starts serving reads immediately without
having any data.

Would the following be more correct:
- New node should stay in a joining state
- Operator loads data (e.g. using nodetool rebuild or putting in backupped files or whatever)
- Operator has to manually switch from joining into normal state using nodetool (only then
it will start serving reads)

Wouldn't this behaviour more consistent?

kind regards,


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