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From DuyHai Doan <>
Subject [Ann] Cassandra Interpreter for Zeppelin
Date Wed, 22 Jul 2015 16:31:38 GMT

 I'm pleased to announce a Cassandra interpreter for Apache Zepplin. For
those who don't know, Apache Zeppelin[1] is a web-based notebook that
enables interactive data analytics. It is similar to IPython/Jupyter but is
JVM-based and its architecture is modular enough to allow various
back-ends(Spark, HBase, Lens, ...) to be plugged in.

 This Cassandra-Zeppelin integration is not meant to replace a complete
suite like Tableau Software, QlikView or similar but it offers at least
some user-friendly web-based interface for interactive data visualization.

 The Zeppelin project and community are young but very promising. They plan
to add more graph capabilities and features in the future.

The JIRA has been created here[2]. If you're interested to play with it,
please vote on the JIRA so that the pull request can be merged quickly.
Feedbacks are also welcomed.

A brief description of what can be done with this interpreter:

- support single-line and multi-line comments
- one CQL statement can span many line
- a @prefix system to pass in runtime parameters to queries
- support for preparing statements before-hand and injecting bound values
to prepared statements
- parallel execution of each paragraphs
- the last statement is displayed as tabular data if it is a SELECT
statement. For non SELECT statements, execution statistics are returned
- simple syntax validation by the interpreter, CQL syntax validation is
delegated to Cassandra
- support for Zeppelin dynamic form with the mustache syntax {
{input_name=default value}} or { {select_name=val1 | val2 | ... | valN}}

Detailed documentation and build instructions for the interpreter can be
found here[3]



Duy Hai DOAN

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