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From "Alaa Zubaidi (PDF)" <>
Subject CQL Data Model question
Date Mon, 11 May 2015 18:32:29 GMT

I am trying to port an Oracle Table to Cassandra.
the table is a wide table (931 columns) and could have millions of rows.
 name, filter1, filter2....filter30, data1, data2...data900

The user would retrieve multiple rows from this table and filter (30 filter
columns) by one or more (up to 3) of the filter columns, it could be any of
the filter columns.
(select * from table1 where name = .. and filter1 = .. and filter5= .. ;)

What is the best design for this in Cassandra/CQL?

I tried the following:
Create table tab1 (
name text,
flt1 text,
flt2 text,
flt3 text,
flt30 text,
data text,
PRIMARY KEY (name, flt1, flt2, flt3, ..... flt30) );

Is there any side effects of having 30 composite keys?


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