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From Alain RODRIGUEZ <>
Subject Multiple Cluster vs Multiple DC
Date Tue, 05 May 2015 09:18:38 GMT

tl;dr : How to choose between having a Cluster with 2 DC and having 2
separate clusters as follow:

"cluster_name: mycluster
KS1 {DC1: 3, DC2: 0} and KS2 {DC1: 0, DC2: 3}"


"cluster_name: cluster1
KS1 {DC: 3}
cluster_name: cluster2
KS2 {DC: 3}"

We can use distinct columns and row to keep distinct entries, depending on
sharding, locallity and query I know how to model this.

At a higher level we have CF, Keyspace. Basically, to chose if I want to
choose between a CF or a Keyspace, I ask myself if this table has a logical
interest in beeing separated from existing keyspaces. This mainly depend on
RF I want on each DC or if the table has a very specific workload that
would need a specific attention and tuning.

But when to decide having multiple cluster instead of multiple DC with each
DC its Keyspace ?

Thanks for any enlightening you can give me around this.



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