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From Andrew Vant <andrew.v...@RACKSPACE.COM>
Subject Cross-datacenter requests taking a very long time.
Date Tue, 31 Mar 2015 20:54:01 GMT
I have a Cassandra 2.0.13 cluster with three datacenters, three nodes per datacenter. If I
open cqlsh and do a select with any consistency level that crosses datacenters (e.g. QUORUM
or ALL), it works, but takes 2+ minutes to return. The same statement with consistency ONE
or LOCAL_QUORUM is as fast as it should be. It does not appear to be latency between centers;
I can point cqlsh at a server in a different DC and it's not noticeably slow.

I tried turning tracing on to get a better idea of what was happening; but it complains `Session
<long hex string> wasn't found`. 

I'm not entirely sure what direction to look in to find the problem. 


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