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From Diane Griffith <>
Subject trouble showing cluster scalability for read performance
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2014 04:19:16 GMT
We have been struggling proving out linear read performance with our
cassandra configuration, that it is horizontally scaling.  Wondering if
anyone has any suggestions for what minimal configuration and approach to
use to demonstrate this.

We were trying to go for a simple set up, so on the keyspace and/or column
families we went with the following settings thinking it was the minimal to
prove scaling:

replication_factor set to 1,
default consistency level,
default compaction strategy (size tiered),
but compacted down to 1 sstable per cf on each node (versus using leveled
compaction for read performance)

*Read Performance Results:*
1 client thread - 2 nodes > 1 node was seen but we couldn't show increased
performance adding more nodes i.e 4 nodes ! > 2 nodes
2 client threads - 2 nodes > 1 node still was true but again we couldn't
show increased performance adding more nodes i.e. 4 nodes ! > 2 nodes
10 client threads - this time 2 nodes < 1 node on performance numbers.  2
nodes suffered from larger reduce throughput than 1 node was showing.

Where are we going wrong?

How have others shown horizontal scaling for reads?


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